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Periods SUck!

Experience A New Period Freedom

Periods Suck! Yes they do! Menstrual cramps, bloating & mood-swings are part of your monthly existence and worrying about being well protected on top all the other symptoms can make periods a life-draining experience.

Flo Angel comes to the rescue with a healthier, convenient and eco-friendly way to deal with your monthly flow.  Flo Angel menstrual cups will help ease the burden caused by your monthly visit from Aunt Flo. 

Wear for up to 12 hours
Enjoy life and spend less time in the WC.
No Odour
You can feel confident knowing you will smell as fresh as a daisy.
Saving you money
One menstrual cup will last for up to 10 years.
Wear Anything
Wear what you want with confidence.
No Toxins
Free from Toxins, BPA, Dyes and Pesticides.
Kind on Nature
Reduce waste and environmental impact.

Menstrual Cup Features

Medical Grade Silicone

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Hypoallergenic, biocompatible, no BPA, toxins, or chemicals.

Tulip Shape

Designed for a comfortable fit and improved seal.

Trimmable Stem

Easily trim stem to your desired length.

FloAngel Lulu Large Menstrual Cup
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Smooth Rim

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Smooth seam rim. Opens easily and stays in place.

Grip Rings

Grip rings on base and stem for easy removal.

Volume Indicator

Internal indicator to measure flow volume.

Quality Certified

FloAngel Menstrual Cups are manufactured under the highest quality assurance practices.

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Join the Period Revolution

Menstrual cups have been around since the 1930’s, and have slowly gained momentum through the years. But we are now living in a “Period Revolution” where millions of women worldwide are awakening and making the shift towards a better, healthier, safer and environmentally friendly  menstrual care product. Flo Angel Menstrual Cups is at the forefront of this revolution with our innovative menstrual period care products.

You can be part of the Period Revolution too and experience what all the rave is about.  

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