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What is a Menstrual Cup

A menstrual cup is a feminine hygiene product that is worn internally like a tampon.  There are many menstrual cup benefits that will make your life easier. Unlike a tampon that absorbs, a menstrual cup collects menstrual fluid and prevents leaks and staining. 

FloAngel menstrual cups are inserted just below the cervix forming an air tight seal.  Manufactured from medical grade silicone. FloAngel Menstrual Cups are tulip shaped with a soft and flexible rim. 

Our menstrual cups comfortably mould to your body shape with a stem to allow for easy removal. When worn a FloAngel menstrual cup is comfortable and undetectable.  Menstrual Cups are a healthier alternative to Tampons and Pads. 

Menstrual Cup Position in Vaginal Canal

FloAngel Menstrual Cup Position in Vaginal Canal

Menstrual Cup History

It might seem as if menstrual cups have only recently come on the market, but menstrual cups have been around since the 1800’s! Yes that’s right! One of the first commercial menstrual cups was invented by the actor Leoma Chalmers in 1932.

Thanks to advances in technology and materials, menstrual cups are now becoming mainstream. 

An estimated 20% of women in America have already made the switch  to a menstrual cup and the figure is growing rapidly worldwide.

Menstrual Cup Benefits

13 Menstrual Cup Benefits

Compared to tampons and pads, there are so many Menstrual Cups Benefits that it was difficult for us to choose our favourites and we ended with a list of 13 Menstrual Cup Benefits. We are sure that once you have tried a menstrual cup you will never turn to an alternative ever again. Menstrual cups make your life better and here’s why:  

Comfortable. FloAngel menstrual cups are soft and pliable and moulds to your body shape. When inserted correctly you will not detect your cup. 

No Odours Or Smells. FloAngel Menstrual Cups are worn internally like tampons. Where a tampon absorbs, menstrual cups only collects your menstrual fluid. Because the menstrual fluid does not come into contact with air it cannot oxidize and therefore no odour develops. Your body’s natural PH balance stays intact and so does your natural microbiome. 

Biocompatible & Hypoallergenic. FloAngel menstrual cups are hypoallergenic and made from 100% Medical Grade Silicone (the same material used in the medical field to produce various implants). Our menstrual cups are biocompatible –  meaning your body’s natural PH will not be altered, so your natural microbiome stays happy and healthy. 

Fewer Cramps. Users of menstrual cups report less cramps during their cycle. There is currently no scientific evidence for why this might be. We can only guess it is because a menstrual cup does not disrupt your natural PH or irritation. A cheap menstrual cup or the wrong size menstrual cup may not have this benefit so be sure to select the correct size and shape for your body. If you are unsure about what cup size to choose rather opt for a small cup as a start.

No Toxins. This one makes us very excited – NO TOXINS. Our bodies are already burdened with the task of constantly trying to remove toxins from our bodies. Having one less toxic burden is a reason to celebrate. FloAngel Menstrual Cups contains no toxins, dyes, BPA, phthalate, latex, or dioxins. 

Cost Benefit. Although the initial cost of a menstrual cup is higher than that of a tampon of pad, a menstrual cup will be paid for within 7 – 9 months of purchase compared to alternative products. Because FloAngel menstrual cups is re-usable for up to 10 years you benefit from a huge costs saving. The average menstruator uses between 11 000 to 17 000 disposable menstrual products within their lifetime. This amounts to a lifetime spend of R15 000 – R26 000. 

Kind On The Environment. High-quality menstrual cups can last for up to 10 years. Women would therefore only require 4 – 8 menstrual cups in their lifetime (depending on the quality of cup) vs 10 500 – 17 000 pads or tampons. A menstrual cup is not only good for you but for the environment too.  

Convenience. One menstrual cup can hold as much fluid as 3 – 4 tampons. You can wear your FloAngel menstrual cup for up to 12 hours before having to empty and re-insert, giving you more time to do what you want to do and less time spent in the bathroom. Depending on your flow you might have to empty your cup more often. 

Freedom To Live. You can swim, dance, jog, sleep, hike and exercise with your menstrual cup without the added hassle that tampons and sanitary napkins bring. Caring for your cup is super easy and just like riding a bicycle, once you know how to use it you will be confident and relaxed knowing your menstrual cup is making your life easier. 

Fewer Trips to the Shop. No one likes purchasing personal items like tampons – no more trying to hide that packet of Tampons or Pads beneath a box of chocolates or shampoo, hoping the cute guy at the end of the aisle does not notice the contents of your basket. With a menstrual cup you won’t have to be exposed to the embarrassment anymore. 

Less Mess and Stains. When inserted correctly your FloAngel menstrual cup will not leak, giving you peace of mind to do all the activities you have always wanted to while saving you to constantly bleach your undies or buying new ones. 

Ease of Use. FloAngel Menstrual Cups are easy to use. Simply Fold, Hold and Insert. Using a menstrual cup for the first time might seem a bit scary, but after one or two cycles you will be completely at ease in using your menstrual cup.

No More Wet Strings or Wet Anything. If you wear tampons you will know the discomfort after going to the toilet… the wet (and gross) string situation. With a pad you have a constant feeling of “dampness”. FloAngel menstrual cups leave you feeling like any other day not on your period with no wet underwear. 

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