Menstrual Cup

FloAngel Menstrual Cup Size Guide

FloAngel Menstrual Cup Size Guide

Our Menstrual Cup Size Guide leads you in selecting the correct FloAngel menstrual cup size to suit your body. Vagina’s come in all different sizes and shapes and finding the right fit cup for your body is important to ensure a good comfortable fit and to prevent leakages. 

FloAngel Lulu Menstrual Cups come in two sizes: Small and Large:

FloAngel Menstrual Cup South Africa - Cup Sizes

What Size Menstrual Cup Is Right For Me?

There are so many things in life you have to consider, and your vagina’s size has certainly not been one of them… till now. Not to worry! We have put together a complete menstrual cup size guide to empower you in choosing the correct menstrual cup size for you. 

FloAngel menstrual cups are soft and pliable, our menstrual cups conform to your body shape.  We are all made differently and choosing the correct cup size will ensure a more comfortable fit. If you choose the correct cup size, you should not be able to detect your cup when inserted (amazing right!). 

When it comes to choosing the correct menstrual cup size that will suit you there are two main factors to consider:

Have you given birth vaginally?

Are you over or under the age of 30?

These two factors are important to consider because as we age our pelvic floor becomes weaker and giving vaginal birth also impacts our pelvic floor. With these factors in mind we recommend the following:

  • If you have given a vaginal birth: Large
  • If you have given birth with a C-Section and are under the age of 30: Small
  • If you are under 30 and have never given birth: Small
  • If you are over the age of 30: Large
FloAngel Menstrual Cup Size Guide

There are times when you would have to consider other variables when selecting the correct menstrual cup size for you, these include:

Are you a virgin or teenager?

Menstrual cups can be worn at any age when menstruation starts. We do recommend that users are comfortable with their body before using a menstrual cup.

Any internally worn personal hygiene product can have an impact on your hymen. It is important to note that the hymen can also stretch when doing various sporting activities or using products such as tampons. Some women are even born without a hymen. If you have strict cultural or religious views regarding your hymen please take this into consideration before using a menstrual cup.  

Pelvic floor tone and strength

Sizing may be different due to pelvic floor strength and tone. If you regularly do pelvic floor exercises or other exercises like yoga, or pilates we recommend the size small. (Whether you have given birth vaginally or not.)

There might be medical reasons for a woman to have a weaker pelvic floor. If this is the case you might need to opt for the FloAngel Large Menstrual Cup.

Cervical Height

If you have a short vaginal canal (low cervix) please choose a small cup. FloAngel Lulu Menstrual Cups have a trimmable stem – in the event that your cervix is very low and you find the stem uncomfortable you can simply cut the stem shorter.  

If you have a long vaginal canal (high cervix) choose a large cup. 

Level of Flow

FloAngel menstrual cups can hold the equivalent of 3 to 4 tampons giving you up to 12 hours of continuous wear before you have to empty and reinsert your menstrual cup. You will have a lot more freedom using a menstrual cup than any other alternative. 

If your monthly flow is very heavy the large menstrual cup would be more suitable. Depending on your flow you might need to empty your cup more often. When using a menstrual cup you will quickly know when you need to change your cup. We promise that you will be surprised at how much volume a menstrual cup can actually hold. No matter what size you choose you will not have to make a bathroom run as regularly as with other menstrual products.  

Not Sure What Size To Buy?

FloAngel Small and Large Menstrual Cup Set

Get the best of both worlds with the FloAngel Menstrual Cup Set

  • 1 X Small Cup
  • 1 X Large Cup
  • 1 X Menstrual Cup Sanitizer
  • 1 X Manual
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