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How to Clean Your Menstrual Cup - FloAngel

Menstrual Cup Cleaning And Care

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Proper care of your menstrual cup is important for good hygiene and also ensures a long menstrual cup life. Incorrect care can cause your cup to degrade quicker or expose you to bacteria that can build up if not properly cleaned.

There are 3 steps to ensure good menstrual cup care:

  1. Clean
  2. Sanitize
  3. Store
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How to clean your menstrual cup

Cleaning your cup is super easy. After removal and before insertion empty, rinse and wash your menstrual cup with a mild detergent soap and clean running water. Ensure to properly rinse your cup before re-inserting. If you cannot clean your cup with soap due to circumstances such as public bathrooms, you can just empty your cup, wipe it with toilet paper and re-insert. Be sure to properly wash your cup when you get home. 

Your intimate lady bits and your FloAngel menstrual cup does not like harsh chemicals or soaps. Using unsuitable soaps and not thoroughly rinsing off any soapy residue can cause stinging and irritation on your delicate parts. When caring for your menstrual cup avoid products that can cause your cup to degrade or that can cause irritation like: 

  • Lubricants 
  • Anti-bacterial Soaps
  • Bleaches
Please note: A dishwasher is not suitable  to wash your menstrual cup.
How To Clean Your Menstrual Cup

How To Sanitize Your Menstrual Cup

Before using your FloAngel menstrual cup for the first time and after every cycle we advise that you sanitize your menstrual cup. Sanitizing a menstrual cup will ensure that the cup is properly cleaned for storage. By sanitizing your menstrual cup you will be removing any bacteria or buildup and prevent stains and odours.

There are 3 ways of sanitizing your menstrual cup: Microwave, Boil, or Chemical Sanitizing


Menstrual Cup Cleaning in Microwave - Flo Angel

After cleaning place your menstrual cup in a microwaveable dish. Fill the dish with water enough water to cover your menstrual cup and boil your cup. 

Time will vary depending on size of the dish and amount of water, ensure your cup boils for at least 2 minutes. 

After boiling let your menstrual cup rest in the boiling water for another 2 minutes. Remove from the water (be careful as it will be very hot) and set aside to completely air dry before storing. 


Menstrual Cup Cleaning by Boiling

After cleaning place your cup in a pot and pour boiling water into the pot. Ensure there is enough water and that your menstrual cup is not touching the bottom of the pot (if you cup is touching the bottom it might damage and burn your menstrual cup).  

Boil your menstrual cup for 3 minutes.  Remove your cup from the pot and place it on a clean surface.  Allow to completely air dry before storing.


Menstrual Cup Cleaning with Chemical - Flo Angel

Chemical sterilizers are disinfectant solutions that come in liquid and tablet form and are often used to clean baby bottles and teats.

Mix the sterilizing solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place your menstrual cup in the sterilizing solution ensuring the cup is completely submerged and there are no air bubbles. Leave the menstrual cup in the solution for the amount of time recommended by the sterilizing solution manufacturer (usually about 15 – 30 minutes). Remove your menstrual cup and allow to completely air dry before storing.

Menstrual Cup Sterilizer

For Easy Cleaning and Storage

Menstrual Cup Sanitizer - Flo Angel

The FloAngel Menstrual Cup Sterilizer / Wash Cup is made from high-quality food-grade silicone that can withstand temperatures of up to 230⁰C.  The collapsible menstrual cup sanitizer functions as both a sanitizer cup for your microwave as well as a storage container for your menstrual cup between cycles. 

When to Replace Your menstrual cup

With proper care, your FloAngel menstrual cup will last for years, but unfortunately, it won’t last forever, and there comes a time where you will have to replace your menstrual cup.   The moment you notice any discolouration, odours, cracks or a change of texture, or any other form of deterioration it is time for you to change your cup.

We do not recommend the use of a menstrual cup after a yeast infection and would advise replacing your menstrual cup.